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Ensure Plus 200ml Bottle - Lifeline Corporation
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Ensure Plus 200ml - Coffee

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    Ensure Plus offers complete and balanced nutrition, with more calories & protein*.

    It can be used to meet the nutritional needs of individuals with higher requirements and/or fluid restrictions such as:

    • Elderly with limited food intake
    • Pre-operative undernourished patients
    • Post-operative patients
    • Cancer patients
    • Patients with congestive heart failure
    • Burn patients
        24 bottles per carton
        Now $2.45 per bottle

          Each bottle (200ml) provides:

          • 330 nutritious calories (1.5 kCal/mL)
          • 28 essential Vitamins and Minerals including:
          • 13g of Protein per serve
            • Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D & Iron that supports normal function of the immune system
            • Niacin that helps in reduction of tiredness or fatigue
            • Calcium for strong bones
          • Helps in tissue building and growth
          • Lactose Free
          • Reseal-able bottle



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