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Geltron Cushion GTC-THLB - Lifeline Corporation
Geltron Cushion Japan GTC-THLB
Geltron Cushion Japan GTC-THLB
Geltron Cushion GTC-THLB - Lifeline Corporation
Geltron Cushion GTC-THLB - Lifeline Corporation
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Geltron Cushion GTC-THLB

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    Made in Japan.

    It is patented design in a two-layer integrated three-dimensional latticed gummy gel (Gel tron) blocks and Flame Retardant Patented as well at 2016.

    It is a cutting-edge product which outstanding in breathable, air ventilation, dispersing pressure and enable to cut off the shearing force.

    A position change support cushion that is easy to hold at 30 degrees. A thin geltron with a thickness of 2.1 cm is used on the frequently used surface to absorb the displacement when lying down. It can also be used for changing diapers, wheelchair seating, and auxiliary pillows. There are two sizes, standard and long. There are two types of covers: a "highly breathable cover" that reduces stuffiness caused by sweat and moisture, and a "waterproof cleaning cover" that can be wiped off quickly without getting dirty.


    27.56″ x 8.3″ x 4.72″ (W70 x L21 X H12cm)
    Comes with waterproof cover (long)  


    The Geltron material uses safe mineral oils and polymers approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is not a hotbed for mites and molds and is not allergenic. It is also used as a material for cosmetics and baby oil, and is a safe material that will not affect your body.

    • Cooling effect.
    • Breathable and washable.
    • High dispersibility of body pressure.
    • Absorption of Torsion and Shear force.
    • Wedge positing helps absorb vertical load.
    • Excellent in maintaining body posture and relief of skin pressure.
    • 3D lattice increase breathability to keep the surface dry from moisture caused by sweat.
    • Good for supine position: For reduction of pressure on the sacrum, heel part.
    • Good for lateral position: For maintaining posture, for reducing pressure on the sacroiliac bone.

    "Geltron" is a new material researched and developed based on the concept of water buoyancy, aiming for "zero burden" on the body.
    With a skin-friendly feel like gummy candy, excellent body pressure dispersibility and absorption of displacement and twisting loads can reduce the burden on the body to the maximum.