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Thermal Sentinel 4000 Thermal Scanner - Lifeline Corporation
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Thermal Sentinel 4000 Thermal Scanner

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    The Thermal Sentinel 4000 is Develop, Design with German Made Technology & Integrated in Singapore. It is one of the most precise non-contact detection system that quickly measures temperature of a large crowd in real time. The system singles out individual whose temperature exceeds the normal range.

    • Identification of suspected feverish passengers inside a crowd.
    • Duel split real-time thermal image & live image.
    • Real time temperature display.
    • Instantly identify and discreetly alert the authority to isolate the individuals for further screening.
    • Snapshot function of suspected individuals with data logging features.

    System include:

    • 1 x High Definition Display Monitor.
    • 1 x  High Performance Industrial Grade Thermal Camera.
    • 1 x Embedded CPU.
    • 1 x Medical Grade Ergonomic Work Station.
    Thermal Camera  
    Detector Type: UFPA
    Effective Pixels: 382 x 288 Pixel@80 Hz/27 Hz
    Optional Resolution: 390:1 (18° optic)
    Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): 80 mK
    Emissivity: 0.100 … 1.100
    Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): 80 mK
    Spectral Range: 7.5 – 13 um
    Angle of View: 29° x 22° Standard / 18° x 14° Telephoto /
      53° x 38° White angle / 80 ° x 54° Wide Angle
    Temperature Detection  
    Detection Mode: Real-time thermographic images in high speed; Detection of smallest temperature differences
    Accuracy: +0.5°C
    Theory of Temperature Measurement Range: -10°C ~ 50°C