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Memory Foam Pillow vs. Regular Pillow

on December 07, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Memory Foam Pillows
If you’ve ever wondered what makes memory foam pillows different from regular pillows, we’re here to provide answers to your questions.

Since not a lot of people are certain of what a memory foam pillow can do, we’ll clarify that. We’re also going to explain the different types of memory foam pillows and the benefits of using them every day.

Let’s start by comparing memory foam pillows to regular pillows.

Memory Foam Pillow vs. Regular Pillow 
One of the many differences of memory foam pillows from regular ones are the health benefits that cannot be given by the latter.

Memory foam pillows are a lot more comfortable because they conform to the natural shape of the head and shoulders, decreasing the chances of developing neck and shoulder pains.

Unlike regular pillows, memory foam pillows don’t push your head while sleeping. Instead, they adjust according to your sleeping position.

In terms of price, memory foam pillows are a lot more expensive… but customers still prefer them because of the health benefits they offer.

Types of Memory Foam Pillows 
Just like regular pillows, there are different types of memory foam pillows, but there are at least 3 common types: shredder, contoured, and wedge.

Out of all three, shredder memory foams are the most common, usually found in the majority of households in Singapore. A shredder memory foam pillow resembles a regular pillow, except it’s filled with small bits of shredded memory foam.

On the other hand, contoured memory foam pillows come with two ridges on the upper and lower part of the pillow, leaving a crease in the middle for the head to rest on. A lot of customers prefer it because of the added support for the neck.

Lastly, wedge memory foam pillows are the most versatile out of all three types. More than the additional back support, they can also help ease an injury.


Health Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows 
One of the key health benefits that one can receive from memory foam pillows is pain relief. Memory foam pillows can relieve neck and shoulder pain in particular.

What’s more, memory foam pillows are made to offer support for injured people — which explains why a lot of athletes use them for therapy.

Another health benefit that comes with using the best memory foam pillows in Singapore is spinal alignment. If sleeping with a regular pillow pushes your neck upwards, memory foam ones adjust to the shape and position of your shoulders up to your head.
So, using a memory foam pillow reduces the risks of neck, shoulder, and other body pains. 


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