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Bath & Toileting

Stainless Steel Commode with Plastic Fork...


Retex 500ml (Odor Control)


Toilet ABS Grab Bar


Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Stationary Shower...


Height Adjustable Shower Chair with Arm...


Aluminium Height Adjustable Stationary Commode


Height Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat with...


Stainless Steel Commode with Padded Seat


Height Adjustable Shower Bench


Non-Slip Floor Treatment


Aluminium Foldable Height Adjustable Mobile Commode


Plastic Male Urinal with Cover (Blue)


Stainless Steel Grab Bar with Exposed...


Stainless Steel Commode with Stainless Steel...


Aluminium Self Propelled Padded Commode


Disposable Bedpan without Cover


Plastic Male Urinal (Blue)


Epoxy Foldaway Grab Bar 30"


Aluminium Foldable Height Adjustable Stationary Commode


Raised Toilet Seat


Aluminium Padded Commode


Commode Gel Cushion Seat


Skil Care Foam Toilet Seat Cushion


Inflatable Shampoo Basin


Male / Female Urinal (White)