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Reasons Why Regular Health Checkups Are Important

on September 17, 2020

Aside from doing fitness routines and keeping a balanced diet, going for a regular medical checkup is also crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can help you identify health issues before they worsen. This is particularly important for those in their 30’s. That’s because they have a high tendency of developing lifestyle diseases, according to studies.
That said, they certainly aren’t the only ones with such problems. Most people develop such diseases through lack of sleep, hereditary issues, and more… and people in their 30’s don’t have a monopoly on those, as you well know. 
Fortunately, regular health checkups can help you nip these health problems in the bud early on. In fact, let’s go into more detail on the benefits of having a full-body checkup regularly:
Cholesterol in patient, result with vein and artery with accumulation of fats


Common Chronic Diseases in Singapore
Diseases Lifestyle Risk Factors
  Obesity Unhealthy Diet Sedentary Lifestyle Smoke
Cancer X X   X
Stroke X X X X
Heart Disease X X X X
Hypertension X X X X
Diabetes X X X  

Disease prevention
Even if we continue to eat healthy and exercise consistently, we can never be sure until we get medical proof that our body and mind condition is fit and stable.  These checkups will examine a person’s overall condition from head to toe, conducting tests for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, etc. 
If the results show that there's an existing or risk of disease, the medical professionals will prescribe the right treatment to avoid worse health issues. 
For instance, the team at Gastroenterologist Singapore suggests a routine checkup of sugar and cholesterol so a person knows the level of risk he faces for diabetes in the future. 
If there's a high risk, then the specialists will give tips or medication to control his sugar intake, effectively lowering his chances of developing the disease. 
Most people wouldn’t be able to tell they were at risk of developing diabetes without such professional evaluations, though. What’s to stop them from unknowingly heightening their chances of developing it then?

Healthcare cost reduction
Preventing illnesses and treating diseases at an early age reduces further medical costs for additional treatments. This will also help eliminate the possibility of undergoing surgeries or procedures that require a lot of money. 
Moreover, it'll lessen the risk of having to take lifetime medication for chronic health issues -- which can greatly affect the household expenses. 
Being sick or getting admitted to a hospital may also lead to taking time off from work/school -- ruining the plans and goals that you've set for the whole year or coming years. All of that can have a negative impact on your financial planning!

Elimination of disease growth
For those who are diagnosed with progressive diseases like cancer, there's a need to get checkups more frequently. And if you have anything of this sort, don’t even think twice about whether or not to get checked: it’s non-negotiable. 
And even if you don’t have such diseases, it can save your life. For example, the specialists at Urologist Singapore say that they have a fair number of patients who detected their urologic cancer through regular checkups. They noted that, as with most cancers, treating urologic cancer at an early stage involves less complexity and risk compared to diagnosing and treating it at a late stage. Even monitoring it makes treatment better, they said, not least because it ensures appropriate responses.

Increased life span
In line with all of the factors mentioned above, you can rest assured that you'll live longer and have the chance to achieve all of your goals in life if you get regular checkups. 
You see, even if you don’t get diagnosed with a serious issue, you can monitor whether or not your lifestyle is agreeing with your body. That alone can help you immensely in terms of keeping your body as fit as possible.
That can obviously improve your chances of getting as long a life span as possible.

Some people hesitate to do regular checkups because they're scared to know the results and don’t want to face the possibility of being diagnosed with a health complication. Some are just too lazy to go to the doctor.
Either way, this doesn’t help them. Neglecting these medical tests will only lead to worse situations, not just in terms of health but even financially. 
Therefore, to secure your health, it's important to monitor the condition of your body and mind through routine checkups. You can live a fuller, happier life that way!