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Oxygen Cylinder 415L Luxfer (Refill & Exchange) - Lifeline Corporation
  • SKU: 47/1980

Oxygen Cylinder 415L ( Refill & Exchange)

    Free shipping on orders over S$229.37*

    Refill & Exchange Only

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    Oxygen Cylinder D, 415 litres.
    4.5" x 16.5". ±3.3kg

    Luxfer medical cylinders offer important advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory. Luxfer provides increased gas capacity in smaller packages, a major benefit to patients for whom a lightweight, portable system facilitates mobility. All Luxfer products are designed to increase ambulation time and allow patients to remain active longer, while in treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other respiratory disorders.


    Litres Per Minute (LPM)   Estimated Usage Time
    0.5 LPM    ± 13 hours
    1 LPM ± 6.5 hours
    1.5 LPM ± 4 hours
    2 LPM ± 3 hours
    2.5 LPM ± 2.5 hours
    3 LPM ± 2 hours
    4 LPM ± 1.5 hours
    5 LPM ± 1 hour