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Stiegelmeyer C1 Comfort Mattress
Stiegelmeyer C1 Comfort Mattress
Stiegelmeyer C1 Comfort Mattress
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Stiegelmeyer C1 Comfort Mattress

    Free shipping on orders over S$229.37*

    Made of viscose foam

    A feeling of security can enhance recovery during a stay in hospital. In a nursing home, it is essential for residents to feel at home in their room and their bed. Our comfort mattress supports this feeling. It ensures well-being through good breathability and exceptionally comfortable materials.

    Model C1 pampers patients and residents with a 9cm thick base layer made of cold foam, and a 3cm thick layer of visco foam, which perfectly adapts to the contours of the body. Multi-zone holes punched in the foam wick away moisture and provide better ventilation of the mattress core. This creates healthy, dry sleeping conditions.

    Advantage of visco foam
    In contrast to other types of foam, it remains in this position rather than immediately returning to its former shape due to counterpressure. Patients and residents therefore enjoy ideal long-term support. It also reduces strong pressure points.

    Sinking into the visco foam dampens movements and generates pleasant warmth.

    Model C1 is available with a PU cover.
    W87 x L200 x H12cm