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D-Shape Roll
D-Shape Roll
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D-Shape Roll

    Free shipping on orders over S$229.37*

    The Original McKenzie D Shaped Lumbar Roll is a back support cushion that is perfect for soft furnishings like lounge chairs, sofas, and beds. Thus cushion significantly improves the posture and helps reduce the backbone problems and neck pains. It is designed for individuals suffering from a huge hollow in the lower back and needs additional support.  

    The high-density foam offers a firm feels by providing the necessary support. The Original McKenzie D Shaped Lumbar Roll delivers the supreme comfort and ideal for offices, homes, or cars. Designed by a famous physiotherapist Robin McKenzie, this cushion helps you maintain your spine's natural shape by promoting the correct posture.

    You can place this cushion against the back of your seats, and it offers you the self-treatment of lower back pain. Each roll includes the moisture-wicking polymer, which is easy to remove and clean. The lumbar roll is made up of injected molded foam, which provides support and comfort for an almost indefinite period.

    Key Features

    • Portable cushion is easy to fit on most chairs and provides superior comfort.
    • Designed for individuals with a massive hollow in their back and need a lot of support.
    • The high-density foam offers a form density for maximum support.
    • It includes an elastic strap for holding the cushion in place.
    • Removable soft cover provides a luxurious feel and makes it easy to clean.
    • It also helps prevent or treat most of the back problems.
    • The cushion's unique shape makes it perfect for individuals with a considerable curvature of lower back or those looking for extra lumbar support.
    • The flexible texture of this cushion improves your posture by providing maximum support.


    Length:  31cm (12 inches)
    Width:     15cm (6 inches)
    Depth:  10cm (4 inches)
    Weight:  250g