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TheraBand CLX App Download
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TheraBand CLX App Download

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    Based on 7 years of clinical research and innovation, the TheraBand® CLX™ Resistance Band combines versatility, evidence, speed, and inspiration into one pocket-sized product. This patented exercise tool links a continuous and connected series of resistive loops, creating an ultra-portable, intuitive tool that can quickly be adjusted to perform a seemingly endless array of exercises. The resistance supercharges existing exercises and introduces new possibilities, many of which work the upper and lower body in concert for maximum impact and the design interfaces more comfortably with the human body. The resistance band is the go to for physical therapy and recovery, a staple for many travelers, and an increasing favorite of both women and men doing P90X, CrossFit, yoga, and other forms of exercise. It's easy to anchor to pull-up bars, door handles and other equipment, and eliminates the need to tie knots unlike other resistance bands. Users can literally Exercise Everywhere™.

    The free TheraBand CLX app also features various exercises which can be conducted in your own home or while on-the-go, with images, tips and video tutorials. Made without natural rubber latex, CLX is safe for users with latex sensitivities.


    In individual pack and 25 yards
    Yellow Thin
    Red Medium 
    Green Heavy 
    Blue Extra Heavy
    Black  Special Heavy
    Silver  Super Heavy 
    Gold Max