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Geltron is 4 to 5 times more durable than urethane. In addition, it has elasticity that returns to its original state even if it is repeatly pressed for a long time at the same location even if it is stretched 10 times. There is almost no change in hardness with temperature from -30°C to +70°C. Therefore, you can use it comfortably regardless of the season.

Made in Japan. It is patented design in a two-layer integrated three-dimensional latticed gummy gel (Gel tron) blocks and Flame Retardant Patented as well at 2016.

“Geltron” is a new material researched and developed based on the concept of water buoyancy, aiming for “zero burden” on the body.

With a skin-friendly feel like gummy candy, excellent body pressure dispensability and absorption of displacement and twisting loads can reduce the burden on the body to the maximum.

It is a cutting-edge product which outstanding in breathable, air ventilation, dispersing pressure and enable to cut off the shearing force.

  • Cooling effect & Breathable
  • Washable & Durable
  • High dispersibility of body pressure
  • Absorption of Torsion and Shear force
  • Ideal for office chair, wheel chair, car seat and sofa 

Geltron Cushion